Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh the Whine

Do you ever feel like you complain too much? As if your days aren't full enough with attempting to keep all the balls in the air, you need to focus on the one measly ball you dropped. Keeping 299 balls in the air isn't enough, we must somehow manage 300 or we just are not good enough. Every single, small, little thing becomes reason for complaint, for sighing, for eye rolling and sulking.

My friend and I were sharing stories today about our two little stinkers. Now, Del is one to complain about. I'm not sure about her sweet little angel (oops, I just wrote anger, Freudian typo!). How could my adorable goddaughter be cause for complaint? How? Nothing huge, just the things three year olds do that make you want to throttle them. Multiple times a day. But we commiserated and it felt better to know someone else is dealing with the same things. Someone else is struggling to not kill their own flesh and blood. It's good to know you're not alone.

But do you ever feel like you fall into a rut of complaint? I feel like I have lately. Small things, things that are difficult, things that sound much more important and earth shattering if I complain rather than keep silent. It's sucking the joy out of me, all this complaining.Today I happened upon two online gems. Conversion Diary and Evlogia have put into words much more eloquently than I could the why and the how we complain. They also beautifully write on the why not to complain. I'll be bookmarking and keeping these posts around for further reading.

Go and read these fantastic posts HERE and HERE.

*NOTE: Due to "technical difficulties" this post disappeared earlier in the week. It is now back. I'm trying not to complain about it.

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clairesd said...

ahh... i read that over at Conversion and then I promptly forgot about it. this week might have been much better if I had gone back for a refresher. sigh.
hang in there with Del. Three doesn't last forever.
(right? right? Rigel has 8 more months to go...yikes.)