Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poetry Wednesday, Vol. 49

"Hey, Mom! Put this on your blog!"

How could I not? Josie loves that this poem is about a Josefina. I love that she delights in reading.

Josefina Trampolina

Elizabeth Honey

read by Josephine Livovich


Molly Sabourin said...

Now that is an awesome poem made even awesomer by seeing and hearing it read aloud by the lovely Miss Josie! This post made my mid-morning a little brighter. : )

Beth Hanna said...

Perfect! It's so cool to see my grandkids reading - and reading fun stuff! Congratulations, Josephine!!

Anonymous said...

Delightful! Perfectly lovely . . . and you really must pass along congratulations to Josie for being such a fine young reader: she is, as you must be aware, primed for a lifetime of learning :-)
P.S. I do hope you do not mind me "lurking" on the poetic festivities even on the weeks in which I do not post a poem . . .

Kris Livovich said...

Josie's poem was the highlight of my day. She loves language and rhyming - her writing is all phonics all the time. Except she never hears the letter N.
Anna, you can lurk all you want! I do that to most everybody - I stink at commenting, but love to read!

Emily Lorelli said...

Are all Josies as sweet as our Josies? My goodness this is adorable! I have to find that poem and read it to my Josie -- she'll love it!