Monday, August 9, 2010

Get to Work

The other day as I put Delchi down for his nap, his little voice followed me out of the room, "Sleep with me, Mama, come sleep with me". Why not, I thought. Why not? Why not?!? (insert stressed out eye roll here) The living room smells like pee, that's why not. So does Lois's room, the upstairs is a trash pit, there are fourteen thousand loads of laundry in the basement, I haven't started planning our school year yet and I have no idea what's for supper. That's why not!

But a few minutes later as I nestled into bed with him and he fell into a sweaty sleep on my chest, I thought, Ah, THIS is my job. My job is to get all of the above things done, of course, but my JOB is to love on these kiddos for as long as I can. Del is three, soon he will stop taking naps. Soon he will stop asking me to sleep with him. Soon, my Delchi and my Mikey will stop giving me sweet sticky kisses and shudder at the thought of allowing my lips to touch any part of their faces.

My job is to teach them and love them. Of course I want us dressed in clean clothes. Of course I want guests to be welcomed in to a house that is relaxing rather than chaotic. Of course we should eat something other than take out pizza once in a while. But my primary job right now is to enjoy these kids. It is all too fleeting.

I just started reading A Survivor's Guide to Homeschooling, and more than learning anything new, I am being reminded of why we do the things we do with our kids. I'm being reminded that I've chosen this as my job. I chose to stay home and be with the kids, I chose to home school. I chose not to go back to work. I chose instead the task of taking care of these littles, of welcoming Lois into our home, and I chose to clean and cook and do laundry. (Well, I don't know about the laundry and cleaning part - I may opt out of those at my next job review). So if this is my job, I'd best stop complaining and rolling my eyes every time someone interrupts me with some "urgent nap/play business". I'd best get working and do the best job I can.

I need to remember that resting is just as important a part of my job as working.

I love my job. It has fantastic benefits.

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Alan & Beth McManus said...

Yes! Yes! YES! Enjoy this part of your job while you can. I miss the kisses and snuggly nap times. Now I get grunts and an elbow if I get too close. And if I even sit on the edge of the bed with them, it turns into a "beat up on Mom" free for all.

Kris Livovich said...

Mikey has a whole routine where he kisses each cheek, my forehead, nose, chin and lastly my lips. He does this before every bedtime. I love it and it makes me sad to think of it ending.

Beth you need to learn some wrestling moves. Maybe if you pin the boys you can steal a smooch.

Beth Hanna said...

A little pee-smell never hurt anyone, and as for the laundry: Well, it's a good thing you have lots of clothes! Yep, it's true, those littles are gone before you know it. Teach them good! Teach them lots of lovin', teach them to be wonderful citizens, TEACH them, that's the biggest clue!

Beth said...

So, so true. When I finally stepped back, I realized that the most important thing I might accomplish in a day is rocking my little Elliot to sleep and lying at his side. And yes, I certainly chose this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Life is so achingly fleeting.

clairesd said...

Kris--there is so much to say about the post. the only thing I can come up with this late in my evening is that the photos are just perfect. the one of Josie seems to capture childhood in just the right way.

Anonymous said...

You are such a great Mom. I will ignore the fact that Emi came home from your house with gum in her hair. Didn't find it until Sunday night. They had a great time!