Sunday, October 10, 2010

Funerals and Family and Faith

We attended a funeral in Skokie on Thursday.
The first thing I learned that day was that my boys own zero dress clothes. We cobbled something together. The second thing I learned, something I should have known by now, is that my first born son is a fop.

The third thing I learned, more of a reminder really, is that there is nothing like the embrace of family and friends. Nothing like the embrace of others who believe in a God of terrible love.

We went to the funeral of Elia's godmother's mother. Mama', at the age of 96 had passed. We didn't know her in her younger days. We knew her only as an elderly lady, no longer in charge of her mental faculties. We met her when she was moved from Florida up to Chicago to spend her last years of life with Marta, Elia's Madrina.

On Thursday we saw the sadness in Madrina's family, and we knew Mama' would be greatly missed. But all through the viewing and the service there was great hope, great love and great joy. A saint had gone on to glory. A woman of deep faith and unceasing prayer. She raised (I don't know all her children, so I speak about Madrina) a wonderful and God fearing daughter, who in turn raised some amazing children. What an incredible woman, raising faithful generations to follow in her footsteps.

In his homily, Father Simon (I wish he could live in my head. Oh, he makes me so happy) reminded us of the God Mama' loved, who is the same God we love. I will butcher his homily, so I cannot go into great detail, suffice to say that his message was what my weary heart needed. It has been too long since we have seen this dear group of friends and their love is like a drink of cool water. Seeing them lifts my heart, and and revives me for the future. We went as a comfort to Madrina and came home comforted in ways we had not forseen.

We love you, Marta.

(And we know, that doesn't count as a visit...)

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Beth said...

May her memory be eternal!

Molly Sabourin said...

I'm so glad you had that refreshing experience, Kris! It sounds like such a meaningful event.