Sunday, October 10, 2010

So Proud

It was a rough week in my heart this week. Looking around the Internet, it seems as if it was a rough week for many of my friends as well. Is it the sudden busyness of fall? The drowning and spinning feeling of trying to get it all done? All I know is that when I rely solely on myself I fall flat on my face every single time. This coming week needs to start in prayer. Not when things are crazy, not after breakfast, not after I've lost it. Before. At the very beginning. Amazing how quickly we forget. Amazing how quickly we fall.

Even with all my inner problems the children managed to have a good week.
We started Monday at the fire station, where Elia went all V.C. Andrews on me and proudly told the nice fireman, "We don't have a door on our room, we live in the attic!"
I was so proud.

On Tuesday we went to Deep River Park and learned how a grist mill worked. The Mikey, the boy who thinks the word cat begins with the letter seven, was able to explain in complicated detail how the water wheel on the mill works. He surprised everyone, especially me, but he brought proud tears to my eyes.

The tour ended with an archaeological dig where we found all kinds of treasures. Elia and K. found a bone, Mikey and Del found shells and Josie and S. found pottery! There was a little disappointment on Elia's part that we couldn't bring the bone home, does it come from a human? An animal? A dinosaur? I guess we'll never know.

We spent the afternoon eating lunch with friends. The kids had a wonderful time with their friends and everyone played together so well. And we moms did too!

Wednesday was full of Co-op, there were a lot less kids than usual, what with the usual fall colds, but it was wonderful. Our co-op has been good for all of us. The kids adore their many friends, I greatly enjoy the friendships I am making with the other mothers. Wednesdays wipe us out, to be sure, we always need a nap after, but the minute one co-op is over we are all ready looking forward to the next.

Most nights ended with a rousing rendition of the Sisters Grimm.

Mikay really enjoys that part of the day.
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