Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Poetry Wednesday, Vol. 63

My kids are strange and I made them that way and I love it. I checked out a book of Halloween poetry from the library and Del, in particular, loves these poems. Listening to An Eyeball in My Garden and Other Spine-Tingling Poems brings up all sorts of questions from the Del boy. "Why does the boy turn to stone? Where is the witch? What is a carcass? Do not bite me.", all came from his little three year old mouth as I read him some poems before his nap today. In my defense, it was a werewolf poem and it ends with him biting the person he is talking to. Bring literature alive, I say.

We ended the night (after DQ with Abuela of course - she's the ice cream grandma for a reason) with Sisters Grimm then a few poems from the spooky book. Here are the two we ended with. Kisses kiddos! And night-night, don't let the bedbugs bite.

The Goblin Parade
Jennifer Cole Judd

When the silvery moon
Glimmers out from the gloom
On the blackest of black Halloweens,
While the children are sleeping
The shadows come creeping.
To begin the most frightening of scenes.

With a rum-tilly-tum,
The low beat of a drum
Ushers in quite a bone-chilling sight,
As above howling winds,
The music begins -
The goblin parade is tonight!

In the inky black street
Their fat, knobbly feet
Stomp a rhythm that makes the earth shake.
They gallop through town,
Tearing tree branches down.
They are hungry for mischief to make.

They're slashing their claws,
And they're chomping their jaws
On mailboxes, streetlamps, and cars.
They charge through the park,
Climb on roofs in the dark,
And gleefully screech at the stars.

Their stubby gray snouts
Snuffle-sniff all about -
They have found what they like best to eat.
Not a snake, nor a mouse,
No - they're eyeing your house,
For you are their favorite treat!

Sleepy Spider
Sue Davidson

Skinny legs, they dingle, dangle,
Weaving shadows at an angle.
Hairy legs so softly creeping,
Tippy-toeing as you're sleeping.
On the pillow, near your head,
Sleepy spider goes to bed.

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Molly Sabourin said...

Ooooo, scary! And congratulations to you and Mike for raising some of the cutest, kindest, funniest, most creative kids I've ever met!

Beth said...

I adore the picture of the headless Jack-O-Lantern head. My kids would love these poems, especially Thomas who keeps drawing, coloring, and cutting out his own Halloween decorations.

PS Strange is good better than raising robot children. That is what I keep telling myself anyway.

Michelle said...

agree with Beth - strange is 10x better than robot.

I love that you read scary poems to your kids. Especially before bed.

My kids would freak and be awake all night. Such are my trials. :)

It's funny that we both wrote about our endearing youngest sons today...

Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Bed bugs are scary these days. . . .