Friday, November 12, 2010

Well Spent

We have finished out the week at Grandma and Grandpa's house and I am tired. Lots of extra driving, lots of trying (it is beyond hope) to keep us from completely trashing the house and some whiny boys along with a grumpy mama has made for a week of inner complaining and harsh words. Outer harsh words too, if you ask my children.

On Thursday Mike's car quit - alternator and a few other lovely things - so he has been driving the van. Our floors will not be ready in the amount of time we thought - big surprise there - so we will not be moving home on Saturday.

We could not be staying in a better place, though. Even through my haze of tired and grumps, I can appreciate the blessing it is to have loving and supportive family you can turn to. So many people have terrible families, whether by blood or by marriage, and I can confidently say we have been given a great gift on both sides. So thank you, Mom and Dad, for welcoming us, feeding us and loving us.

It has been a tough week keeping the kids on task. The Grandparents' house is a place for holidays, weekends, and fun. We come here to watch obscene amounts of TV, eat obscene amounts of fattening food, and in general, to party. We do not come here to work. We do not come here to do school. But all is not lost. The time lost in books have been made up for in visits to book stores, Toys R Us, and just hanging out with Grandpa.

Yesterday, Mikey and Grandpa had some deep and meaningful discussions about all that is important in life. They planned to frame a picture.... and maybe do a few other things. You never know with Grandpa!

Mikey needed lots and lots of energy vitamins for all his hard work.

After a lot of working, a little planning and a bunch of sawing and nailing, they framed their picture!

....And maybe did something else, too.

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Beth Hanna said...

Extremely cute! I'm glad you finally explained the doll in Mikey's arms!