Monday, November 1, 2010

Mid-week, some Aunts and Uncles from Michigan came for a quick visit. They invited us over to their hotel for a swim in the pool and a great time was had by all. Josie and Mikey did their best to drown Uncle Dave, but he wouldn't go down. The Josie dog-paddled on her own! For a while now she has been telling everyone that she can swim (but she really couldn't), but now she can! There was a little water swallowing and a moment where she thought she was drowning, but she can now swim for real!

Elia, does not swim, thankyouverymuch.

Funny story, this swimming area also has a small sauna, which we used. Del and I were in the hot box, enjoying the steam, when I heard a sizzle. I looked over and saw a startled looking Delchi, quickly tucking his guy back into his swim suit. The boy had decided to pee on the rocks! Gross. What is even grosser, is that we sent a cloud of burnt pee smelling steam into the pool area and thus ended our swimming time. Yay, Livovich family!

Speaking of yummy things, while Abuela was with us I don't think there was one day when we didn't go out to eat, or for ice cream, or just because. We hit all the favorites - Smokey's, George's, DQ, and a new favorite lunch place, Tonya's Patisserie. We had Cream of Roasted Romaine Lettuce! Crazy stuff, and crazy good! Also, a fried green tomato (from her uncle's backyard!) sandwich with bacon and a balsamic reduction which was fantastic. Plus a few other good things and I ate like a fool.

On Mom's last day here was the hsLIFE Science Fair! We have not participated in the past, but we did this year! I'd be the first to say that I am not a sciency person, but it was fun to be part of this! We were going to go with our praying mantis, but it died, and stunk, REALLY STUNK, so I threw it away. So Elia made rock crystals, and I learned some new things in the process!

Now Abuela is off to visit Uncle Ken and Aunt Esme and all their sweet girls. We will miss you, Abuela!

Oh, and if you want to see her adventures, both with us and my siblings, just click here.

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