Monday, November 1, 2010

We had a visit with Abuela!

It has been a whirlwind two weeks. Anytime Abuela comes up we have two weeks to catch up on 6 months worth of visiting to do, we pack in as much as we can handle.

Of course there's some movie watching, and some book reading, and some couch sitting,

there are visits to friends near and far - the Baxters met us at Cemitas Puebla -best tacos Arabes outside of Puebla, Mexico - I think only tacos Arabes in Chicago, and crazy good. Good friends, good food.

We saw family on my Mom's side in Hoffman Estates, but of course I took no pictures of the family, only of the boys climbing on a downed weeping willow branch. Why take pictures of something special, when I can take pictures of the everyday, right?

Immediately following these pictures I put the camera away, and went in the house to visit, which prompted Mikey to fall into the retaining pond by the house (Papi was around, don't worry), but he did spend the rest of the evening walking around in his undies, while his soggy pants laid out to dry. Everyone likes visiting in their underwear, right?

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