Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tamales with the Baxters

Did you grow up with a Friday night pizza night?

We had tamales. There were always tamales, but in Puebla, especially, we would go to the tamal place (I can't remember the name) and each pick our own. We'd go home and eat, probably even with a movie, just like a pizza night, only better. Kenny always got a sweet tamal, this pink gross thing with pudding or raisins or pineapple in the middle. Gross. Mom and Dad would trade off on the banana leaf wrapped mole tamales. I chose salsa verde or rajas con queso. My mouth is watering right now.

We never made tamales. Why would you, when you have the best ones just a short drive away?
This year we made them! Puebla is a long drive away right now.

But first, a Paleta Payaso break.

Then off to tamales!
We bought the masa, so the hard step was taken care of. We made green and red salsa for the fillings, added either, beef, chicken or pork, wrapped those suckers up and steamed them. It was easier than we expected.

The children were for the most part uninterested.

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Beth Hanna said...

Wow! You go girls! What a great way to celebrate Christmas, but also remember! I had a tamale the other day (I buy them from the little vendors on the street - probably a no, no!) and it was LUSCIOUS and PICA! Rajas con queso.

Alan & Beth McManus said...

You made us hungry for tamales, so when Alan and Cameron were out paying bills, they stopped by the tamale place and got us some. MMMMMMmmmmmm! I still don't really know how to make them. Why try when I can just walk four blocks to the little store-front and get super good ones?

Kris Livovich said...

It was amazingly easy, Bethie! Of course we bought the masa pre-made which made it easier. The little store I bought it at grinds their own corn and mixes the masa in their kitchen. It was sooooo good.

This summer at the market we have, I bought a rajas con queso tamal and was so excited to eat it. Turns out they meant pickled jalapeno slice with yellow american cheese. It was enormously disappointing.