Monday, January 31, 2011

Touch o' spring

This Christmas with the extended family was the year of the craft kit. Which is great, because who doesn't love crafts?
It is also great because now my house is extra decorated. As I watch the girlies scamper around adding their own unique twists to my decor, I think about my mom and how she allowed me to decorate her house. I looooooved putting up Christmas. For some strange reason, mom would always want to stop long before I was through. She would allow me to hang and tape and bedazzle the house from top to bottom. Oh, it was beautiful. But I don't think it was my mad decoration skillz, but rather, much like myself now, her inability to fight off the tsunami of ideas and excitement that I, and now my girls, had for prettying up the place. In the face of so much enthusiasm what can a mother do but retreat and hope it's not too, too garish?

So I present to you the chandelier.
Covered in bright spring flowers, it adds life and light to the room. When I took this picture it only had four flowers attached. We have since added more. Our motto? If a little is good, a whole lot is a whole lot better.

It is nice to turn on the lights and be half blinded by the crazy colors.
Wait, what is that on the edge of the chandelier?

Let's zoom in...

Ah, dresses.
Where else would you keep your lovely little paper doll dresses? They are out of the way. The brothers won't get them. Mama won't be constantly picking them up and threatening "if you don't care about your things, then I won't either and I will throw. them. ALL. away." The chandelier really is the best dressing room.

Spring will come soon, but until it does, I have a bounty of flowers here at home.
All I need to do is look up.

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