Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh, that baby

We are back home now. We arrived late last night.
Mike's parents were kind enough to pick us up, then we made our way home from their house.
We arrived to our little place right around midnight, tired, cold, missing family.
It was a surprise to find that our house felt a lot colder than we expected.
Turns out, in my zeal to save us a bit of money by lowering the water heater temperature, the house heat temperature, etc., I had accidentally turned the heat to OFF. So it was chilly.

We tucked some crying children into bed with heavy blankets, turned the furnace on, then walked around the house in our winter coats, checking if anything else was amiss. Oh, the bone chilling cold! We fell asleep talking about winter in El Paso...

But back to that baby.
Enoch, as he is being called, is a sweet one. He had a little jaundice and was giving his mama some fits with nursing, but by the time we left he had gotten some better color and was figuring things out. It's hard being a baby! His sisters love him with an Amor Apache. I predict though, that as Enoch grows, he'll give that love right back!

We had a few pre-bedtime snuggles, and all the kiddos got to hold Enoch and love on him. Big sister Maria is so careful and makes sure we all know that Enoch is HER brother, and she loves him LOTS. The Mikey was so sweet. Mikey is all rough and tumble boy, but he held Enoch and bent over whispering little nothings to him - made me all teary, the cuteness.

Eden, with her perpetual grin, wouldn't let us finish the night without her turn. Everyone had a turn! Why not Eden?!! She held him and found his belly button, his eyes, his nose, his mouth. Babies love being poked. Prepare your heart, Enoch, there's a lot more love in your future.

We are so thankful for this opportunity to visit our familia, even if for a short time.
From this perspective it feels like weeks ago, even if we just got home last night.
Boy, do we miss them.

And boy, do I miss the sun...

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