Tuesday, February 22, 2011

While I was having fun at the flower shop, the kiddos were having fun with Papi, Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Katie.
I came home one night, and much to my surprise, they had made sushi. Sushi! Why did I go to the city, when we had little sushi-masters hidden right here in the region?

And what fabulous sushi it was.
Colorful, tasty, and just a little bit sticky.

Then we made a dollhouse.
I had seen an article in the now defunct Cookie magazine, and when presented with super cheap foam board at Michael's, I knew we needed the same mod dollhouse. After some searching, we found the instructions here, and Bob's your uncle, the house was made.
The kidlets set to decorating immediately. Everyone had their own room, some were a little more decorated than others. It's a beauty. Mikey is not sure he wants to play with it, since it does not have a roof, and no amount of explaining I do will convince him that it is better without a roof.

And last but not least, we have a boy who is underwear clad almost all the time.

Although he refuses to poop in the toilet. He holds it for days, then explodes. Notice that in the sentence above I said "almost all the time". On days when we will be running around and I know an accident is bound to happen, out comes a diaper. Yes, I'm a weeny. I can handle pee accidents, but three day's worth of poop? No thank you.

Take today. We had a fantastic time ice skating with our home school co-op (and I forgot the camera, Argh!), then we ran to religious ed, then we dropped things off at the library, then we stopped at the post office. Del was wearing tights, jeans and snow pants. I did NOT want to be rushing to a toilet in my ice skates, carrying a boy who lacks the ability to control his output. Not today. So we did the diaper. By the time we hit the library he was walking funny, and not just because of the layers of clothes.
Moral of the story? Encourage underwear, but be prepared for poo.

So that's it! We've been keeping busy.
I'm tired, and it's only Tuesday night.

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Beth Hanna said...

Someday, when Del is all growed up and sophisticated, and he sees this post, he´s gonna be very upset with you! Or else he´ll laugh himself sick! I prefer the latter.

Ruthie said...

"encourage underwear, but be prepared for poo" is genious. I'm going to be starting the potty training stage soon, so I'll keep it in mind. p.s. I love a man in underoos and cowboy boots