Friday, April 8, 2011

8 on the 8th

The Elia Luz turned 8 years old today. She has loved every minute of it. From getting tackled in bed by her parents first thing in the morning, to her favorite egg gravy breakfast, to the Fed Ex man coming with presents from Aunt Katie and Uncle Dave, to spending her birthday money on some brand new set of lip gloss (birthday money does not last long around these parts). I think her day has been ok.

We love this girl.
She is sweet and kind. She is creative. She is artistic. She is easily pleased. She is smart and loving.

Happy Birthday Sweet Smell Bell!


Beth Hanna said...

Happy, happy birthday, Elia! Have another great year! We'll celebrate again in October, OK? BTW Kris, I couldn't see the picture again.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Elia! I love that she bought lip gloss. Girls!

Catherine said...

That's a really sweet video. Happy Birthday, Elia!