Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Super-tastic time

On Saturday, we celebrated Mikey and Elia with a superhero birthday party.  We somehow managed to not take any decent pictures, and now Blogger/Picasa is not allowing me to post any edited pictures, so once again you get the grainy ones.  Enjoy.  
All the friends arrived and donned their super capes (courtesy of a a Super Grandma - she sewed up 20 capes, can you believe it!) and joined the festivities.  We played pin the rope on Wonder Woman, find the Kryptonite and bash the pinata.  

We did not take pictures of the fun, but we did take one hundred different pictures of the Suuuper Caaake! (sung out loud in a big Taaa Daaa!)  It was indeed super.  It was amazing...ly...


can't.  look.  away....

What was I saying?
Oh!  Yes!
The cake!
It was awesome!

And also made by the Super Grandma.  Did we make anything for this party?  No.  We just decided a theme, then called up Grandma and Grandpa and had them make us stuff.  They ARE super heroes that way.
  You should get you some of them.

The little heroes of the day loved the cake.

We didn't take any pictures of all the goings on, maybe because we were having too much fun celebrating two of our sweet kiddos with a great bunch of family and friends.  Thank you to you for coming out and joining us. A super time was had by all.


Beth Hanna said...

Looked like SUPER fun!

clairesd said...

L. said: "WhoAAaaa!!!! I love that!!"

I am saying the same thing. That is the best Spider-Super-Bat-Man cake I have EVER seen.

Happy birthday, you two!!