Friday, May 20, 2011

He is looking at her, adoring, young and handsome. She is laughing and in love, so sweet and teeny and cute. They were so young.

My mom posted this as her picture on facebook and I thought it was just the sweetest, so I stole it. Okay, she sent it to me. But I put it on my blog first. It simply makes me happy to look at the two of them.  What makes it cuter is that they are wearing matching shirts.  I think she made them, am I right, Mom?

Right now we just pressed play on The Frisco Kid. I have a vague memory of watching it as a child in the living room with the family. I have no memory as to what it was about or if it was any good, but I have a sharp memory of Dad, in paroxysms of laughter, tears running down his face. With each new gag and one liner, Dad, in his chair, would reach greater levels of hilarity. So when I saw the Frisco Kid on our library's "just in" shelf I had to grab it. Here's hoping it's good. Or at least watchable. Or OK.

You know what's good? The picture above and the two people in it. Good.

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Beth said...

Adorable. Especially the matching shirt.

Beth Hanna said...

Yep, I made the shirts - those were my "sewing" days - I don't do much of that anymore! It was fun, you know!!

clairesd said...

What a great photo. And yes, it makes me happy just looking at it.