Friday, June 17, 2011

Are you going anywhere this weekend?  Here are some of our favorite car ridin' songs.

1. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out by Cat Stevens

Mikey is the cutest boy in the world when he sings along to this.  It makes me smile every single time.

2. Car Song by Woodie Guthrie
The kids can't figure out how that man can make those noises.

3. Hey, Good Lookin' by Hank Williams
This is Josie's song. She sings along with gusto and just a little bit of a warble. A fairly decent imitation of Hank. It keeps your toes tapping and a smile on your face. We sang it today while picking strawberries, in fact!

4. Superman by REM
As you've already seen, this is Deli's song. Del love, love, loves Superman. We recently watched Superman: the Movie. You know, the REAL Superman with Christopher Reeve. Do you remember the scene where Superman first appears? There is this fantastic cloud of smoke/fog/Idon'tknowwhat, Clark Kent runs into it and Superman flies out of it, with much fanfare. Oh the squeals and shouts of joy when the man of steel appeared! Sheer joy!

5. You Are My Sunshine by Ray Charles

Ray Charles and Country. Best mix ever. We also like Busted - it regularly makes it into the mix as well.

6. Rox in the Box by The Decembrists

Elia's favorite! We've listened to this seven hundred and thirty billion times, if my count is correct. I may be off by a few dozen billion or so.

7. Delia's Gone by Johnny Cash
Yes, we like the morbid songs around these parts. But you can't argue with The Man in Black.

Bonus Track!

Rock Island Line by Johnny Cash
We do our best to sing along with Mr. Cash, and more often than not dissolve into tongue tied giggles.

Oh, why not, one more!

Uh Oh Love Comes to Town

Happy Driving, folks!!

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Beth Hanna said...

Would you believe I listened to them ALL?? Only one I had to OK!! to, but I'm not telling which! Happy listening!