Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Now he is four

We had a birthday boy living in this house recently.
He turned a big four.

This boy had not one, not two, but three days where the mail arrived with cards, envelopes and packages with his name on them.
He happily tore open envelopes filled with crisp dollar bills and boxes full of treasure.
And what treasures they were!

Great Aunt Becky sent a superhero t-shirt with just enough room to grow.
Yes, he did wear it for three days straight. And that was only because I made take it off to wash.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Katie sent over a pirate outfit.
The sword and hook may or may not have made some other children in this family jealous. Who doesn't want a hook for a hand?
The outfit came complete with earring, eye patch, chain necklace and hat.
The only thing it didn't come with was a belt and scabbard for the sword.

But Del made do.


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Anonymous said...

Julia here, Wow Deli you look great in those outfits!!!!!! I especially like the pirate pictures!!!