Thursday, July 21, 2011

Visit from Abuela

We had quite the visit from Abuela last week! As you all know, she lives in Mexico. She came in for only a few short days, seven to be exact, not nearly enough time. But she had good reason for coming - aside from seeing us of course!

Abuela came up for the 50th anniversary celebration of Art and Marita Mikesell. The Mikesells are some of my parents' nearest and dearest friends. They figure into many, many memories of my growing up years. Uncle Art preaching, Aunt Marita chalk drawing, followed by Dad preaching, the three of them singing while Dad or Marita played accordion are big memories for me. Sometimes they would even manage to convince my mom to get up front and sing! Minor miracle, that. Of course not service, meeting, lunch date, visit, phone call, game night, really, anything, would be complete without Uncle Art presenting the Gospel and doing an altar call. Uncle Art is an old school missionary. And a dear, dear part of my parents' lives.

Of course Mom had to come up for the party!
And we went with her!
I did not take nearly enough pictures of Abuela's whirlwind visit, but she did! You can see all our shenanigans on her blog,
The Ice Cream Grandma.

Here is what I did get.

Abuela helped Elia work on her pom pom scarf, they made good headway!
Abuela also came right at cherry picking time, and she was game, so we headed out for cherries.

We had a lovely time filling buckets of glowing red fruit on a beautiful day. We went to same place we've been going for the last few years, and Lehman's did not disappoint. We picked over 50 pounds of cherries and I'm pretty sure we ate half that amount while picking!

While Abuela was here we traveled, we ate out, we played and swam. We picked blueberries, we made pie, jam and all kinds of other goodies. We packed A LOT into one week. It was a fun time, for sure.

Elia accompanied me to drop Abuela off at the airport, and we were all sad to see her go.
We were sad, but we for sure crashed when she left! We've spent the last two days doing nothing but swimming, eating and watching movies. It helps that it's too terribly hot outside to do much of anything else. So we are resting and recovering, I hope Abuela is doing the same!!

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Beth Hanna said...

Abuela's waiting for her suitcase to arrive, that's NOT restful! They promised it yesterday, they promised it today..... MaƱana maybe, but I hope it's today!

Anonymous said...

Julia and becah here! Send some of those cherries over! Terin and I (Julia) Are going to grandma and grandpa's on Sunday! I hope i get to see you guys.Oh we'll be there for about a week!

K & E said...

i really like the crazy looking pirate in the front!

Beth said...

It was so good seeing you and your family. Thank you again for taking time out to see us and for sharing some of those cherries! Peace and goodness to you.

clairesd said...

This last family photo is so rad. And not just because it looks like my fam, but it does. Elia and Lucy could trade outfits and no one would notice and Del and BR could be brothers I swear. Hams, the two of them.