Friday, November 11, 2011

Seven Quick (Duct) Takes

What can you make with duct tape?  Lots of things.
So this birthday boy likes to make stuff out of duct tape.
I found this out while shopping with his mom - she bought him duct tape, so I did too!

He made:
#1 tie  for Mikey
#2 tie for Del

#3 tie for himself
They wore these ties to the big boys' Veteran's Day concert at school.  Those big boys were so super embarrassed  excited to see the group of little people, Grandma, Mom and Aunt Krissy traipse into the auditorium.  There was some waving, and some, "Mom!  I see Jesse! I see Aus! There's Jeffery!  Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi Jesse!  Hi Austin!  Hi Jeffery!  Hi!Hi!Hi!" 
You know the part at every single Veteran's event where they play the songs of each branch of the military and as each song is played the vets from that branch stand up?  Gets me.  Every time. 

He made:
#4 A Wallet  A duct tape wallet, which sounds cool.  And it is.  This boy just comes up with stuff.  I'm not going to say anything about his deep dimples on his cheeks, or his sweet smile, or his long eyelashes and beautiful eyes because he's 11 now and would be embarrassed by that kind of gushing.  Instead I'll tell you how impressed I was by his wallet making, and his skill at coming up with #5 new to us medieval weapons made only from screws and duct tape  and his kindness to my boys when he outfitted them in ties.  

Hi wallet was cool, we even borrowed some money for the photo shoot, but my picture didn't turn out. I'm pretty sure the money made it back to the lender's wallet - big boys you should check your twenties, just to be sure!

He also made:
#6 a new hat  He noticed many of the caps the men at the Veteran's Day service were wearing and needed one for himself.  I can't vouch for the accuracy of the decorations, maybe if he added a U.S. it would be more realistic. 

Duct tape.

#7  a BIG THANK YOU to all the Veterans we know and love. 

and thank you to Jen for hosting.

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Beth said...

Oh my goodness I love this. So precious. Enjoy the rest of your visit!