Thursday, November 10, 2011

Superman at St. Peter's Village

November 9th and we were hiking in t-shirts through the trees, faster than falling boulders,

higher than sleeping snakes in the rocks

and sweeter than a boxful of sugar daddies.

We had a lovely time exploring and jumping from boulder to boulder, 
doing our best not to fall in the water.

Superman posed sternly with the cutest little cupcake around.

There were a whole variety of wild animal poses.

When asked to pose for this picture Mikey excitedly told Quincy that they should be cheetahs.
Quino looked bemused and answered, "OK, you do that buddy."

There were also some gorillas, and somewhere along the way a mountain goat.

Oops!  Caught the Man of Steel fetching a bat from the cave!

No I wasn't... I was, uh, posing.  Yeah, that's it, posing.

A super day with a super group of family.


Ruthie said...

What a super day indeed. And again, you make me laugh out loud. Bat from the cave? Hilarious.

Kris Livovich said...

Ruthie, bat cave was truly inspired. If only one of the other children had been dressed as a superhero we could have really done something.