Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Poetry Wednesday, Vol. 104

The History of Mothers of Sons


All sons sleep next to mothers, then alone, then with others
Eventually, all our sons bare molars, incisors
Meanwhile, mothers are wingless things in a room of stairs
A gymnasium of bars and ropes, small arms hauling self over self

Mothers hum nonsense, driving here
and there (Here! There!) in hollow steeds, mothers reflecting
how faint reflections shiver over the road
All the deafening musts along the way

Mothers favor the moon—hook-hung and mirroring the sun—
there, in a berry bramble, calm as a stone

This is enough to wrench our hand out of his
and simply devour him, though he exceeds even the tallest grass

Every mother recalls a lullaby, and the elegy blowing through it



amber said...

So poignant! I love the second stanza (Here! There!). And it all seems so familiar.

Beth Hanna said...

I forgot it was Poetry Wednesday! I don´t have much poetry to share! But I sure love your poems!