Friday, February 3, 2012

The Way I See It: A Different Point of View

This week I decided to join in on Molly's photography challenge.  I've loved looking at them week to week, and while my photo skills are light years behind hers, this isn't about perfection so much as just trying something new.

What began as thinking about new camera angles and ways of looking at ordinary objects in a new way, quickly morphed into something entirely different.  Something magical happened.

Suddenly, post outdoor hot chocolate was no longer an annoying, mess making blip in my day, it was a chance to sit and enjoy the goofiness of my children.  It was a mess, a mug (or two) might have been spilled, but rather than grumble and sigh, I cleaned it up and poured some more.

Suddenly, it's not bleak and ugly outside, it's a chance to look at my lovely purple pansy glass inside, and think about how good every glass full of water is for me

Suddenly, it's not Del waking up at the butt crack of dawn just to annoy me.  It's a little boy wanting to help his mama make breakfast for his papi, who has to leave extra early for work.  Rather than banish him to my bed to wait for a more reasonable hour, I pop him on the counter to help (and prepare myself to fish an eggshell or two out of the mix).

Suddenly it's not crazy kids that I am forced to shush repeatedly, but four excited children enjoying their trip to the Chicago Symphony for the first time.  I let the music wash over me, enjoyed their laughter and their oohs and aahs at the jugglers and clowns.  What?  The CSO has clowns?  On this trip they did.  It was a special Children's Concert and it was fabulous.  Instead of becoming more and more tense, I sat back and listened to Mikey giggle for 10 minutes straight.  Fabulous.

Suddenly, instead of being the messiest spaghetti eater in the house, prompting Mama hisses of, "Jose!  Use a napkin!  Stop slurping!  Not your sleeve!", she became a crazy beaver toothed vampire, slurping up the remnants of a tasty snack.

So thank you, Molly.  My pictures didn't change much, but my attitude and my spirit did.  And for that, it was well worth taking that different point of view.  


Julia said...

Awesome. Thanks for posting.

Molly Sabourin said...

This totally made my morning, Kris! Thank you, thank you for participating. Your photos are perfect - honest, love-filled. Thanks again!

Beth Hanna said...

Love the pictures!! Hey, I dig eggshells out of my mix when I myself and I break the eggs! So, I'm way ahead of Del! Sometimes, if they're small, I just leave them - gives extra crunch to my huevos a la mexicana!

You do a super job with your kids - keep up the good work! When Josie's in high school and starts noticing the boys, she'll clean up her act! Right??

Love you!

clairesd said...

this is so rad. You're so good at this blogging thing. and it seems like you're just getting better all the time.

Beth said...

Love this. Trying to have a different perspective here too. Makes for a more patient momma and four happier kids. Peace and goodness.

paige said...

Yea! Love this post. Thanks, Kris!!