Saturday, May 12, 2012

in which my family might decide they don't need to visit after all

The Deli declared on Thursday that until I bought him Scooby Doo or Transformer underwear he would no longer wear any.  Which makes it different from any other day of the week how?  Considering that the moment he made this statement, only two out of the five of us (the Papi was at work, I'm pretty sure he wears underwear to work.  Unless he doesn't.)  were actually wearing underwear, his threat carries very little weight.


Any of you MK's out there seen a book called "You might be an MK if....."?  I've thought up a few extra entries.

You might be an MK if....

.... you say, "That hurt as bad as amoebas!" and know what you are talking about because you have actually had them.

.... you aren't annoyed because you have to wait in line for five whole minutes to pay a bill.

.... you can calmly answer back, "Yes, I do know what that means, and please don't call me that."  In the jerk's native language.

.... you have lived in the US for twenty years and have yet to completely figure out how to greet people.  When do you hug?  handshake? give a small wave?  So you opt for nothing.  Which you would never do in your old country.  Americans are so confusing.

Anything to add?


We have a robin's nest out back and Mikey discovered it.  Yesterday he came in yelling about eggs!  He had the eggs in his hand.  Four beautiful, blue, little eggs.  After I finished freaking out in the ugliest over the top manner, we put the eggs back in the nest and watched the Mama bird make her way over to check on her egglets.  This morning he woke up earlier than he has all week and went right out to check on the nest.  Mama bird started dive bombing him the moment he got within five feet of the nest. Good for her.

He is persistent though.  He wants to see those babies hatch.  "Even if she pecks me, Mom, I will keep checking the nest.  I want them to live."  I hope she pecks him and I hope he keeps checking.


Can you guess where we went?


Yesterday Mikey brought a comforter downstairs and told me, "This blanket stinks like pee!  It needs to go in the ropa sucia!"

Me:  Why?  Who peed on it?

Mikey:  Oh, I think just some pee from the pee box spilled on it.

Me:  The WHAT?!!!!

Mikey:  Oh, you know, the box that Deli peed in.  Some spilled on the blanket.

(Why at this point, is he staring at me as if I am the crazy one?  He's giving me this disbelieving look, as if he cannot understand why I don't know what a pee box is.  And he feels sorry for me.)

Me:  WhoWhaWhyHow Pee box?

Mikey:  Don't worry Mom, we emptied it.  It doesn't have pee in it now.  

What a relief.

Still want to come out this summer, familia? 

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Beth Hanna said...

Yes, we still wanna come! We need a good laugh or three! And I´ll be glad to help clean up the you-know-what!

You know you´re an MK (or TCK)...

...when crossing a one-way street, you look both ways.

...when you laugh harder at jokes in our adopted country´s language than in your host country´s language!

...strangers say they can remember you when you were "this tall."

...You are grateful for the speed and efficiency of the U.S. Postal Service. (Trust me, it IS FAST and EFFICIENT!!) wince when people mispronounce foreign words.

I know there are SO MANY more, wish I could think of them! But all of the above refer to personal experience!