Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New babies in the house

We have expanded our family by three!  If they are all girls, that is.  
A good friend of ours hatched eggs from her hens and let us take a few little chicklets.  Aren't they sweet?  They have been prompting a lot of "It's so fluffy!" re-enactments.

We are deciding on names.  The Papi and I will have veto power.

So far we have:  Harry, Hermione and Ron
or Harry, Peaky, and Cinnamon
or Harry, Blacky and Stinky-butt.

Hmmmm, which names to choose....  I'm not positive, but I think Harry might be a front runner.

They are super cute, and super fluffy, and super loud.  So loud!  We have them in the bathroom at the moment and were a little concerned as to whether they would keep us up all night.  We didn't have too long to wonder, they fell asleep and we stood there gazing at their sweet little sleepy poofyness.  They really are cute.  

Are we excited to have chicks?  Yes!  Are we going to take good care of them?  Yes!  Are we ready for chicks?  Heck no.  Are we allowed to have chicks in Chesterton?  Technically no, pero más vale pedir perdón que permiso, right?  I was told that you need a quarter of an acre, or they need to be a 4-H project.  So there you go. 

We are super excited, there has been much discussion as to their cuteness, their names, if they will be boys or girls, how we will kill any that turn out to be boys, you know, that kind of thing.  I described swinging the rooster by its neck until it snaps or chopping it's head off.  Josie was thoroughly disgusted while Del thought the whole process would be "totally awesome".  Mental note: watch that boy around the chicks.

Of course we had to start a chicken journal.

Elia, the star journal keeper is taking care of those details.  
Now we just need to fashion a coop!  We've got a couple months 'till they need one of those, right?  Right?!!  Right?  Please say yes.  


Katie said...

That's awesome! If you are hoping they are girls, where is the name Harry coming from??? How about Harriet? Or Mabel? Here are my picks for boy names (as if you asked for my opinion....) Ed, Elmer, Steve. Those are fit for chicks, right? I can't wait to hear about your adventures with these things....AND your neighbor's comments!

Alan said...

How 'bout Gertrude or Petunia? Well, you might want to check and see if Kenny and Esme are going to name their new baby Gertrude Petunia before you do. =) Remember the chicken you got as a party favor in Puebla? They assured us it was a girl. We gave it to Otilia when it started crowing. Fudge had that thing trained, too.

Kris Livovich said...

Katie! You were allowed to comment! Yay!

Bethie, I do remember that chick! I didn't know we gave it away because it was crowing, but I do remember it running around with Fudge. I just thought we were tired of taking care of it and didn't want to kill it ourselves. Memory gap!

These chickies are super cute. I think I'm the one that spends the most time just sitting and gazing at them. The black one does this really sweet falling asleep slump. His head droops until it's resting on the floor, with his butt pointing straight up in the air. Love it. We'll see how long they stay cute.