Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All chicken, all the time.

We have chosen official names for the chickies!  May I present,

Peeky (named by Elia), I am unsure of the spelling, as I am unsure to the origin of the name.

Harry (Potter, Josie's boyfriend).  
Let's hope Harry is actually a Harriet, or Voldemort will win this war.  And so will our stomachs.  There is no picture of Josie holding her chick because she looked drunk.  Josie, not the chick.  Can't have drunk children on here, now can we?

And last but not least, Speedy (named by Del).  
 Gonzalez for short.  

Del woke the chickies up this morning with loving squeezes and kisses straight to the beak.  I wasn't even out of bed when he did this.  Sometime before seven I heard loud cheeping coming from the bathroom.  I thought they were just being noisy, but then I heard the Deli telling them that it's ok, shhh, be quiet or mama will hear.  THAT got me out of bed in a hurry.  So there's a couple of new rules for the chicks.  Del must always, always, always wait for mama before touching them.  And no kissing them on the lips, ever.  

We installed a nice little Trio roosting spot which they enjoy quite a bit.  And when it's sunny on the porch, we let them out to enjoy the sun and the carpet.  Until they poop, then it's back in the box for you!  Exactly how we raised our human babies!

I think Harry is my favorite right now.  She seems calmer and plumper and sweeter.  She is quieter in her protests when we pick her up, and all over just adorable.  I'm gushing, I know.  But they are so cute.  You don't even want to know how much time I spent sitting next to their box gazing at the sweet littles today.  Hmmm, maybe we need another baby in the house.  That will solve all our problems!  I kid.  Really.  And somewhere in Michigan City the husband just broke out into a cold, cold sweat. 

And speaking of babies.  I risked life and limb getting a picture of the robin babies for all of you!  Mama robin almost snatched me bald she was so mad.  They're not quite as cute as the chicks, but I'm so glad there are four.  Four eggs, four birdies.  Just right. 


In other news Josie auditioned for The Secret Garden musical being held here in Chesterton.  She didn't get a part, but I was so proud of her lack of fear and enthusiasm for something new.  We found out yesterday morning that they were holding auditions that night.  Both girls wanted to do it, but when Elia found out that the audition would be on a stage, in front of actual people, she said thanks but no thanks.  Josie found that idea to be "fabulous".  So without practice, without sheet music, we headed over, she (softly and shyly) sang "Hey, Good Lookin'" (her favorite Hank Williams song), she read in a passable English accent, and she went home floating on clouds.  That girl has no fear.  

I love seeing the different personalities of these kiddos unfold.  


Ruthie said...

Those chicks ARE so cute! And just teeming with all sorts of fun bacteria! Yay! I think Josie is super duper awesome for being so brave and it runs in the blood to get on stage, huh?

Katie said...

If one of these is a male, how on earth are you going to kill it? I think you've fallen too much in love with them to do that! I'm so proud of Josie for getting on stage and trying. I am missing whatever gene that is, no way would I ever get up in front of anyone and I'm jealous of anyone who can!

On a side note, I think my problem with commenting was works just fine now!

Jo Ellen said...

Oh how I would love to own chickens! Sadly, the husband says, "NO!" Here's to lots of eggs!