Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oh NO!!

You guys!  I went out to check on the baby robins last night and they were all gone!  I knew something was up when mama didn't swoop at me like usual.  She normally stands guard and the minute you step out the back door she's like a hawk.  This time she stayed close by, but didn't attack when I peeked at the nest.  No babies in the nest, no babies on the ground.  It was so sad.  

You know who I blame?  No, not Mikey.  The dumb raccoon that comes in the night to dig in the compost.  Mama robin built her nest in a low bush right next to the fence, not the smartest, considering even Mikey could get a peek without having to climb.  That raccoon must have come in and found himself an unexpected smorgasbord.  

When Mike and the kids walked in the door last night I greeted them with the sad news.  Of course as soon as they realized I was talking about robins and not the beloved chickies, nobody cared anymore.  I was the saddest.  Dumb, callous kids.

The chickies are great.  They are starting to get feathers and are growing incredibly fast.  According to Elia, Harry is the pooper when people hold him.  I think Harry is also the most docile.  The other two are a little feistier.  I don't know if we told you, they are Australorp and Rhode Island Red mix.  Some people don't think I can kill my sweet little adorable fluffy chickies if they turn out to be boys, but I can.  It's just like with the kids.  You disappoint me, and I will end you.


Speaking of sweet little adorable chickies, look who I've been waking up to lately.  This chick usually comes stumbling to our bed around 5am or so, and climbs on in.  I don't know how he makes it down the stairs and to our bedroom without hurting himself because he does it with his blanket over his head, like a little crocheted ghost.  During the week, the husband is up by 4 working in his teensy tiny corner office of the bedroom, so he greets the Deli and lets him clamber on up into bed with me.

See the blankie?  All the holes were finally too big to fix.
Grandma had to patch them with fabric.  It's well loved, that blankie.

I think I like sleeping with the little blond boy.  I think.  But do you see how much room he takes?  It's a Queen size bed, and I'm pretty sure he's taking up a Full sized space.  Not much left for Mama!  In theory, sleeping with your kiddos is great, but when you wake up huddled against the wall with a knee in your back, it's not so fun.  

The feathered chickies are good, my baby chickies are better.  Especially since they don't poop on me when I hold them.  


Dave said...

Sorry to hear about the robins. I'm sure the kiddos would have been upset if not for the chicks to distract them.

Ohh, and just in case..

Ruthie said...

So sad about the baby birds :( But I'm glad the chicks are fine, and human chicks are fine, too! I also have a blond chick that sprawls across my bed in the early morning hours, leaving me to huddle in a ball.

clairesd said...

They don't poop on you anymore, you mean. I've been around babies plenty so I know what I'm talking about. :)