Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bathing Beauties

The first time one of the chicks flopped down in the sun and fluffed up their feathers I freaked out just a little bit.  I was pretty sure chickie was falling over dead with some type of bird illness which would then kill all the rest of us.  I briefly considered having everyone run inside to scrub their hands and maybe even change clothes, when the other ladies flopped into the sun as well.  They sat there making happy little chirpy noises and I realized all was well.  Laying out, I think that's what kids these days call it.  I call it the beginnings of crispy fried chicken.  Sort of a pre-fry, if you will.

We've been doing plenty of laying out as well.   Did you ever lay yourself down on the hot cement after jumping into a cold pool?  You swim until you're all shivery and blue in the lips, then you wrap yourself in a towel and lay down on that hot, dry pool surround, and soak up the heat radiating from the cement.  Just the thought of it makes me feel all warm and happy.  I taught the kids this special warm up trick, and they have been using it every chance they get.  

You'll be surprised to find out that we've been hitting the Y pool every chance we get.  

What a difference a year makes with children.  Last year Del wouldn't get in the pool, even if I was holding him.  If I decided to make him get in he would cry and shiver and in general be so miserable that I stopped making him.  Last year he spent all his time walking about the edges, occasionally dipping a toe in the water.  Last year Mikey's chin was j u s t out of the water in the shallow end.  Last year the girls were not allowed in the middle end without Mom.  

This year the Deli jumps into the water.  He revels in showing me how well he swims.  He calls it swimming, I call it drowning slowly.  This year Josie swims like a fish, Elia isn't afraid to get her head underwater, and Mikey is making strides with his doggy paddle.  

All a reminder that nothing stays the same.  Just when I despair that my children will never love the water like I did as a child, the calendar pages turn and they do!  Just when I think everything will stay the same nothing does. 

Also, baby in a box!

I knit the child-size ninja for Deli.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  One coming for Mikey soon...ish.

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Beth Hanna said...

Love the pictures! It´ll be fun to join in the activities with you - except for the knitting one!