Thursday, June 14, 2012

Warning, long post ahead

Those of you who don't see me in real life may or may not know that pretty soon almost all of my side of the family is coming by for a visit.  Those of you who see me often in real life may be so tired of this subject that you just want to hurl.  Sorry.  I'm gonna talk about it some more.  So my mom comes tomorrow, then my brother and his family, then my sister and most of her family, then my sister and her family.  Lots of people.  And I am so super duper excited I can't even think.  Really.  

Every time I start to plan food or sleeping arrangements or activities or anything my mind shuts off and I wander the house aimlessly or play long rounds of computer games.  In other words I make great use of my time.  But I am just incredibly excited to have everyone here, and the kids are quadruply excited.  Like, every single day asking how soon the cousins are coming excited.  In 11 days.  That's how soon.  

But let's get back to being overwhelmed.

So Mike's parents called last Saturday and offered to help us get ready for guests.  They had time on their hands and apparently nothing to do at home because they wanted to come to our filthy house and help us.  We said yes eagerly.  Side note - do you know I have the best in-laws ever?  We can have a contest if you want but I will win.  Just letting you know now.  

I really wanted help getting my kitchen under control.  It has been feeling has been totally gross for a while now, and it would be oh so nice to start a stint of feeding guests with a clean kitchen.  Mom L. was game and we got to it.  Dad L. helped Mike with things in the backyard, building a chicken coop and I don't know what else, I was in the kitchen.

So Mom L. and I decided to start things backwards.  So backwards.  We got out a card table and put it in the middle of the kitchen.  Mom L.  began taking items out of the cupboards, wiping them off and placing them on the table - the idea being that we'd clean out the cupboard then I would put things back in.  It was a great idea, and I liked having the card table in the kitchen rather than placing everything on the floor for us to trip on as we did our work.  Great idea that is, and here is the backwards part, until one of the legs on the card table gave out and all of the items from my pantry slid off and landed on the kitchen floor.  The tile kitchen floor.  Meeting the glass items from the pantry.  

I take full responsibility for this.  I didn't fully extend the leg and it just gave.  Arg. 

So!  Mess!  At least three kinds of vinegar, a big jar of salsa, the sugar bowl, the soy sauce, and all of their shattered glass containers ended up in a big pile under all the cans on the floor.  It was pretty exciting.  And the exact opposite of cleaning.  

But once we got it all scooped up and wiped off we continued without a hitch to wipe down that sticky kitchen.  Mom L. was a cleaning machine, continuing to go at messes I would have quickly given up on.  Which brings me to the stove.

Do you see the beauty of that gleaming white stove?  I know for those of you who regularly clean your stoves, this picture is underwhelming, but for me?  This is a-ma-zing.  My stove has not looked like this since the day we bought our house.  You think I exaggerate?  NO.  I do not.  I tell you the truth in all it's shameful glory.  My stove is generally covered in black, cooked on grease and messes.  Even when I do "clean" it, the effort is half hearted at best.  When my Mom visits, she cleans it for me, but since that's only once a year or so, even she hasn't gotten it this clean.  When Mom L. got the stove to (my idea) of gleaming, she called Dad L. in to finish the job.  He took out a butter knife and without even scraping the paint, he chipped off every last bit of burned on food.  And he didn't even make fun of my cleaning skills.  Neither of them did.  A-ma-zing.

And then before they left, Grandpa took the kids to "the gas station" and somehow ended up at Kmart stocking them up on popsicles and ice cream sandwiches and root beer.  The amount of frozen treats that walked in my front door would have made the Ice Cream Grandpa proud.  Of course then Ice Cream Grandpa would have had to run to the store to pick up the things that "got forgotten".  Man, if my kids had two grandpas their teeth would rot right out of their heads.

Wonderful enough, right?  But yesterday, Dad L. sent over a brand new swing for the kiddos!  Ours broke a while ago, forcing Mikey to use it like a Tarzan vine.  You notice how I said forcing.  No forcing, he is never forced to act like a wild man.  Because he is a wild man.  Sigh.  Another post for another day...

Mike put up the swing and the kids spent the afternoon alternating between swinging and twisting each other up so they spun in circles faster and faster and faster.  At least a couple times I had a little boy come in the kitchen to tell me with a sour look, "Mom.  I just threw up in the backyard.....  I think I need a popsicle."  

The longest post ever to tell you that we are almost ready for family to come and it's because family helped us out here.  If that's not love I don't know what is.  Or maybe they were just horrified at my dirty house.  I prefer to think of it as love.  Horrified Love.  We inspire that sometime, that's ok.  

Thanks Mom and Dad L. for all your help!  


Mary Ann said...

As long as our love (help) inspire posts that keep us laughing and crying, the little bit we helped you was more than worth it. If I had a blog, I would include all the times your family loved us with help in the yard, holidays, picture shoots, family get togethers in the kitchen, and an upcoming trip!!!! Isn't love grand! Love, Mom L.

Molly Sabourin said...

Three cheers for Mary Ann, and Mr. Mary Ann! What a selfless gift! I'm so excited for you, Kris, to spend this time with your family.

Beth Hanna said...

I'm excited too! First time in a long time for a family reunion. Four will be missing, but we're getting most of them! Got lots to do before they all show up - this will be a busy FUN week getting ready!