Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Her shirt says SublimI'mAwesomeinal

And she is awesome. She's super helpful, a great reader, even keeled and happy. She just recently learned how to swim short distances under water, thanks to her "magic goggles" and is fearless on her scooter. She loves staying up late and more often than not she will appear deep into the night, after all the brothers and sisters have fallen asleep, wrapped in her blanket and asking if she can stay up with us. "I just can't sleep.", she says. And more often than not, we let her. She still doesn't mind being called Smellia, and claims it won't bother her even when she's a teenager. We'll see about that. She's a cool kid, the Smells.


Beth Hanna said...

Totally agree. But I won´t call her Smelia - Elia´s too pretty!

Beth Hanna said...

And Elia Luz is even prettier!